Belarus stands for full rapprochement with the EU, President Lukashenko says


Belarus stands for full rapprochement with the EU, President Lukashenko says

Positive dynamism in the dialogue with the European Union should lead to the full normalization of relations, This opinion was expressed by President of Belarus, who received credentials from foreign ambassadors. Among them was the head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Victorin, replaced Maira Mora.

Head of the EU delegation to Belarus Andrea Victorin was welcomed by the Belarus President with the words "Welcome back!" And, indeed, in the early 2000s, she was an adviser of the German Embassy in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
By virtue of geography and objective reasons Belarus attaches special importance to relations with the European Union. The situation in the region, common challenges and threats require close contacts and joint solutions. We are interested in expanding trade-economic and investment cooperation with the European Union. Among the promising directions are joint infrastructure projects in transport, energy and other sectors of the economy, as well as in the development of the legal framework.

New German Ambassador to Belarus Peter Dettmar has also returned in the new capacity. From 2009 to 2013 he was deputy head of the German Embassy in Minsk.

Today, Germany is one of the leading trade partners of Belarus. And, according to the President, the period of mutual misunderstanding and mistrust is already history.

New trends emerged in the relations with another European country. In the summer of 2015 Austria took a decision to open a full-fledged embassy in Belarus. And just a week ago, in the framework of the UN Summit in New York, there was held the first-ever meeting between the presidents of the two states.

Austria, by the way, is one of the largest investors in Belarus, with the investment amounting to 0.5-1bn per year.

Pakistan is also going to open its embassy in Belarus. The degree of mutual interest of the two countries in recent years has increased substantially.

Alexander Lukashenko: 
I want to congratulate the Ambassador of Pakistan on the opening of the embassy in Belarus and confirm that this step will further our fruitful cooperation. The next step should be (I'm sure it will) the specific stepping up of trade and economic relations, the signing of the roadmap of bilateral cooperation for the years 2015-2020 and the start of work on its implementation.

Mr Lukashenko informally communicated with the new ambassadors. The president and the diplomats raised symbolic glasses of champagne for new perspectives.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I hope that in the near future Belarus will become your second home.

The Ambassador of Vietnam. Over the past 10 years the trade turnover between our countries has increased more than fourfold. And in July 2015 Belarusian tourists received the right for a visa-free entry to Vietnam.

Kyrgyzstan had restored the level of diplomatic presence in Belarus. The new ambassador immediately identified the main targets: the development of economic relations. Belarus and Kyrgyzstan started from the assembly of tractors and are now going to work together on the joint production of Belarusian elevators.

Latvia and Belarus have not only a border in common.

Alexander Lukashenko:
At Mr Obama's reception at the UN summit, we had a long conversation with your president and came to conclusion that we are bound to be together with Latvia. We have always been near each other and we have no problems at all with Latvia. Therefore, Belarus needs to speedily expand cooperation. We even discussed several specific projects, including seaport co-operation and so on. In the near future, I think, our ministers will meet business leaders and identify further communication. Good luck!

Belarus is going to actively develop relations with Saudi Arabia. Belarus' exports to that country are small but the market is capacious and very promising for Belarusian producers.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I think we have lost a lot of time, and I am very worried about the fact that we are familiar, we have good relations with countries around Saudi Arabia but we don't have the proper level of relations with Saudi Arabia. Frankly, we are using all sorts of contacts in order to get cooperation with Saudi Arabia. We have recently met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, your great friend, and I just asked him to help us to find the shortest route to Saudi Arabia.

Among diplomats there are two women: the Turkish Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus.

Kezban Nilvana Darama, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is a very friendly and beautiful country. I am very glad that I came here, I feel fine. In Minsk there are many parks, but for me the most vivid impression in Belarus is its people. All people are friendly and welcoming.

Andrea Victorin, head of the European Union delegation to the Republic of Belarus:
I am very pleased to return to your beautiful country. It is a privilege and honor to come to Belarus as head of the EU delegation. We are working closely and conducting the dialogue. I know that there were meetings of our representatives in New York, and I hope that we will be able to further improve relations.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I think we need to throw away those prejudices and honestly, fairly, and objectively build our relationship with the European Union.