Urban Myths – Minsk’s new street art project


Urban Myths – Minsk’s new street art project

Belarusian street art gains grounds in the world. Our graffiti artists become known abroad, foreign artists go to Belarus with pleasure.

The idea of ​​a new international project "Urban Myths" is as follows: foreign artists come to Minsk without preliminary sketches, they walk around the city for three days, exploring the sights, getting acquainted with residents – so to say, plunge into the atmosphere of the capital and create their original paintings. Such Belarusian street art project through the eyes of foreign artists is a new format.

Oleg Larichev, Urban Myths’ organizer:
The idea is that a sketch is to be created in Minsk. It may be some reinterpretation of the city’s history, maybe some kind of legends, perhaps modern legends. We have been organizing street art festivals in the Belarus’ cities for three years already. About 30 large facades were created. The administration has become more lenient to such projects, as they understand that our cities become more interesting.

On buildings’ facades, the participants will create spectacular stories so that to impress viewers and make them think about.

Our compatriot from Pinsk has opened the project. The artist was inspired by the old airport. The old-and-new life was expressed as a contrast - monochrome and vivid colors of autumn. Now, this photorealism adorns the facade of the building on 4 Aerodromnaya Street.

Evgeny Sosiura, artist (Belarus):
The tree with falling leaves symbolizes the end of an airport’s era. The airport is painted on the paper. The plane is a symbol of flight. At the bottom, there are just private houses, because there used to be a private sector.

Ino, a talented graffiti artist from Athens, has been created his paintings for 15 years already. His works can be seen in many European cities.

Oleg Larichev, Urban Myths’ organizer:
He likes our wide streets, where there are a lot of space, the plan of the city. He says everything is very good here, there nothing bad. The fact that Belarus was in the centre of many wars impressed him most of all. In his work, he expressed a kind of criticism to those hostilities.

Very soon on 13Voronianskogo Street, Minsk’s residents may see the graffiti of Ino. Artists from Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Australia and Italy will come to the capital until the middle of November. They will turn the city into a fascinating gallery of street art and will present Minsk’s residents with new unusual attractions. The project will continue in the spring when artists from Poland, Brazil and Norway will come.