Why do French farmers move to Belarus?

Why do French farmers move to Belarus?

Comfortable conditions for business in Belarus are appreciated by many Europeans. Western Europeans. The movie star Depardieu (whether jokingly or not) declares its intention to live and work with Belarusian peasants. And some of his countrymen are already growing potatoes on Belarusian fields.

Gerard Depardieu, actor, director:
Now I live in Italy. In the near future I would like to live in Belarus, among peasants, because it is beautiful, and the president is a good man.

Nicholas Faber, a farmer (France):
We are interested in Belarus in terms of location. This is the center of Europe. In addition, the country is part of the Customs Union.

Vladimir Adamovich, a farmer:
They try and say that our land is still better. French or German potatoes grown here is more delicious.

The French have come to Belarusian lands. Mr. Depardieu this summer visited Belarus to taste national cuisine and discover local traditions. The winemaker and restaurateur considers Belarus a potential partner.

Gerard Depardieu, actor, director:
The village! What I have seen is careful attitude to nature. I see the care of the state for nature, I see that the people who find it pleasant to live here. Fields are cultivated and forests are not abandoned. I have very good impressions.

Nicolas Faber, a farmer (France):
When the French press reported that Depardieu wants to move to live in Belarus we were not surprised that much. For me it is also birthplace number two.

In the late spring of 2015 the French planted Belarusian national crop in one of Belarus districts, near Logoisk. However, it turned out that their national culture of farming is different from the Belarusian one in terms of presence of drainage channels. This is a determining factor in the selection of the land.

A third-generation farmer. Nicolas Faber has been into agribusiness all his life. Less than a year ago he started this business in Belarus.

Nicolas Faber, a farmer (France):
We knew that to grow potatoes for Belarusians is a long-standing tradition. And I think this is another criterion by which you can compare our countries. Shared passion for agriculture. Peasant roots. And the Belarusian authorities assisted us at all levels. We are very pleased with the attitude to investors.

This young French agronomist is already an experienced person in agribusiness. After starting career in France he worked two years in Romania before moving to Belarus. The language barrier is insignificant, the Frenchman is convinced.

Johann Marie, an agronomist (France):
Your people are highly intelligent and thoughtful. They often understand me without words, they know the specifics of the work. I myself began to study Russian. I have been here for five months and I see that you are very serious about agriculture. With regard to varieties of potatoes, 80% of potatoes in the fields are of French origin and the rest is Belarusian.

The foreign farmers want to double the initial areas and increase the start-up capital (EUR 1 million) by 5 times. Furthermore, in the future they plan to use fertile Belarusian ground for growing other vegetables, cereals and maize of one of the best French selections.

Nicolas Faber, a farmer (France):
We have got used to working on this land. This is our everything.