Days of Belarus in Novosibirsk: 30 companies and 'grocery excitement'

Days of Belarus in Novosibirsk: 30 companies and 'grocery excitement'

Both Belarus and especially Russia, which is under sanctions, are concerned about the possibility of import substitution. Some time ago the Belarusian Prime Minister warned: the nations should not substitute each other's import!

Belarusian products, however, causes serious competition in the Russian market. Especially far from Moscow. Another confirmation were the Days of Belarus in Siberia.

Contrary to stereotypes, it is not that cold in Novosibirsk. Yet the famous Siberian winter is not far off, and therefore it is time to buy some warm stuff. And Belarus is ready to warm up buyers.

Belarusian furs beyond the Ural Mountains is like a wonder. This is their debut at a fair in Novosibirsk and it seems people like it.

It is light, awesome.

Belarusian fur? I did not know that. But at first glance, it looks OK. Cheaper than in Russia.

In general, it all is of a high quality. Let's hope that you will come more often.

The mayor of the city (by the way, Novosibirsk is Minsk's sister city) - does not hide that he is a longtime fan of Belarusian products. This time the mayor bought Belarusian candies.

Anatoly Lokot, Novosibirsk Mayor:
The quality of Belarusian products is praised but the quality is quicker than words! Novosibirsk residents know it. And after last year's fair I received a lot of requests from people to repeat this. And I see my task to help our Belarusian comrades to expand the range of Belarusian goods here in Siberia.

About 30 companies presented their products at the fair. Just a year ago there were only six of them. 

Buyers especially value Belarusian dairy!

I like this milk, cheeses. In general, all dairy products are amazing. Without additives. You can eat and be sure to be safe from allergy.

I bought cheese and butter. I love your products. We are looking for it all over the city. And then we find out that you will come! So we are here and we are glad to see you.

Meat lovers are here too.

I bought some products: dairy, meat, and confectionery. I found that they are quite different. The technology is different, or GOST standards or something. And I liked the taste very much.

Siberians also said they liked some canned from Belarus, which are exotic in these places.

Very juicy. And we know that they are grown without nitrates. We trust Belarus.

Firstly, I feel the smell of apples. We don't have such natural products here. Second, they look very beautiful. I think they are very tasty.

And these trucks with Belarusian license plates have traveled almost five thousand kilometers. In particular, and this very phrase:

It is all very tasty. Thank you. Come back , we are waiting for you again!