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Belarus to develop cooperation with Russian regions beyond the Urals

Belarus intends to develop cooperation with Russian regions located beyond the Urals. In November Minsk will host a delegation from Novosibirsk led by the governor of that Russian region. But government officials and business circles are already establishing closer cooperation.

On October 2 in Novosibirsk, the sides discussed the expansion of spheres of interest and increase in trade. One of the main theses is that businesses need to work directly, and to solve the logistical problems they are again discussing the possibility of direct air service "Novosibirsk-Minsk".

Valery Ivanov, chairman of the Belkoopsoyuz board:
There is interest in Belarusian goods. We need to capitalize on this. Taking part in the last year's fair in Novosibirsk were only six enterprises. To date, 30 of them have expressed their desire to participate. This suggests that goods of Belarus are in demand. The most important thing is to organize this business.

Yuri Bernadsky, president of the Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce:
Ьore than 50 Novosibirsk enterprises are working directly with Belarusian partners. To date, we have created several joint ventures. And around the Novosibirsk region, in a radius of 300 kilometers, an array of assembly plants of Belarusian machinery has been set up. I think that in the nearest time mini-plants will be opened in Novosibirsk.

Belarus to develop cooperation with Russian regions beyond the Urals