Vocational education system working smoothly in Belarus, deputy premier Natalia Kochanova says

Vocational education system working smoothly in Belarus, deputy premier Natalia Kochanova says

October 1 Minsk brought together teachers and masters of vocational training institutions for a ceremony to honor the best graduates. The vocational training system in Belarus is 75 years old. This is the main source of staff for Belarus' real economy. Our country, in contrast to neighboring countries, did not break this system but on the contrary tried to give it a new impetus.   

Vitaly Vovk, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
Today, finally, the prestige of the experts, professionals has increased. This is a big achievement of vocational education institutions.

President Alexander Lukashenko emphasized the quality of training of workers in his congratulatory address read by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Igor Buzovsky.

Igor Buzovsky, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration:
Vocational education plays an important role in the professional development of young people.

Anatoly Lisun, master of industrial training, Borisov State College:
I am proud of my guys. My students in Borisov already have many own service stations, which are highly respected and popular.

Natalia Kochanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The system of vocational education is successfully working today. Of course, we need to take certain steps to improve the system, because everything is changing and high-tech industries and enterprises appear.

For training mid-level professionals Belarus created 34 resource centers with the newest equipment. When a production facility is being modernized and staff lacks competence, they can be retrained in one of these institutions not only retaining jobs but also securing a pay rise.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the prestige of vocational training schools began to rapidly decline. Belarus at that time was one of the few countries in the CIS that supported the prestige of working professions and brought it to a new level.