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IT specialist: I like the current situation in Belarus

Svyatoslav Pankratov, programmer:
In my particular case, the development of games is a dream job. Belarus has a lot of IT companies and a lot of them develop videogames. In principle, there are very, very successful developers. Everyone in the world knows Belarusian tanks. There are plenty of gaming products around the world, in which Belarusian brains were involved. It is very cool.

We are visited by many developers from Ukraine and Russia. Salaries are now higher in Belarus. People say that it is safer here. A lot of talented specialists and good conditions in terms of education. I like the current situation, in which I live, the opportunity to develop and make money. I would say that I advocate the preservation of stability. IT people are enterprising, they like to take initiative. I think that among them there will be a higher percentage of people who will go to the polls.