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Belarus welcomes millionth visitor to Milan EXPO 2015 booth

The Belarusian pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan has welcomed the millionth visitor. Italian Silvia Costanzo was presented a certificate and prizes. She was also given a tour of the exposition! 

Belarus at Expo places emphasis on the national character and richness of our native land: water, bread and salt.

The unique design of the pavilion attracts visitors from afar. A huge wheel divides it into two parts: one is a covered exhibition area (in which the exposition itself is located) and the other is a souvenir booth and a restaurant in which you can taste Belarusian national cuisine. EXPO 2015 in Milan has been open from May and has already brought together 145 countries. EXPO will be open until 31 October! Welcome to Belarus' pavilion in Milan!

Italian Silvia Costanzo welcomed as the millionth visitor to Belarus' booth at EXPO 2015