Motorcycle season 2015 closure in Minsk

Motorcycle season 2015 closure in Minsk

On September 26, bike fans from Poland, Finland, Russia, Belarus, and the Baltic countries are gathered at a large-scale event dedicated to the closure of motorcycle season 2015. Numerous sporting events, a retro car exhibition and a show of stunt drivers are taking place near the Sports Palace.

Heavy autumn rain is not a deterrent for road lords.

Beteris, biker (Latvia):
Perfect! Even the rain doesn’t bother us. Great atmosphere, friendly people!

A major purpose of such events is to recall about safe driving.

Vitaly, biker (Belarus):
I’d like a biker to be a role model for our youth.

Maxim Slizh, CTV correspondent:
And this is a sacred place for motor-fans – a retro car exhibition.

What’s interesting, the last century motorcycles are still underway.

For those wishing to get category “A” driving licenses, state traffic inspectors organize a proper exam just near the Sports Palace. By the way, anyone can participate in arm wrestling or shooting competitions, as well as take a photo near exclusive cars.

Yavis, biker (Latvia):
A very beautiful city. A good country. I have not been in Belarus for 20 years already. The rain does not bother us. Everything is OK.

Such biker shows greatly contribute to a positive image of motorcyclists, as well as to the development of tourism in the country.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk City Executive Committee chairman:
When the organizers offered us to hold such an event, we agreed at once. We fully support the idea of an annual holding of such an event. I hope that next year, it will be even more interesting and vivid.

The show will end with a concert of Belarusian and Russian pop stars; fireworks will become the culmination of the celebrations.