Darya Domracheva donates funds raised by Race of Legends to Belarusian children's hospice

Darya Domracheva donates funds raised by Race of Legends to Belarusian children's hospice

Belarusian star biathlete Darya Domracheva transferred funds from the sale of tickets for Race of Legends for the construction of Children's Hospice. On September 12 Raubichi hosted truly historic races in which former stars of the world biathlon featured. The symbolic ceremony was held in Borovlyany, where the three-time Olympic champion and winner of the Big Crystal Globe gathered all those who believe that if a child cannot be cured, it does not mean that they cannot be helped. 

Olympic champions and world champions - the legends of biathlon - came to Belarus at the personal invitation of Darya Domracheva. The race in Raubichi brought together more than 10 thousand fans. Reporters called it a unique global show. The most titled biathletes of the last 20 years called it the most significant start in their lives.    

Simone Hauswald, world champion in biathlon (Germany):
The result of the race is not important. We, biathlon stars, gathered here for peace, because it begins in the heart of everyone. And everyone can do something to ensure peace on earth.

During the ceremony in Borovlyany Darya Domracheva signing autographs, surrounded by young fans.

Sweet gifts, souvenirs and a certificate for 300 million rubles. These funds will help Belarusian Children's Hospice get closer to the dream and finish the construction of the unique set of rehabilitation.   

Anna Gorchakova, director of the Belarusian Children's Hospice:
This is the first such center in the CIS. And it is fair to say there is no such hospital in Europe either. Experts from Britain came and told me that this will be the first such hospital. We are building a very modern hospice. We should build a nice place so that people don't feel fear.  

Every year the hospice gives social, medical and psychological assistance to 300 children and their families. The opening of the new center will increase these capacities.