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Brest presents video of historical and cultural project

A video of historical and cultural project dedicated to the city’s millennial anniversary was presented in Brest.

A fortification history museum in the open air, four new tourist routes, two museum complexes, more than 10 exhibitions, and a digital reconstruction of a medieval Brest – an ambitious project of the Brest Fortress development and reconstruction.

The main purpose of such far-reaching changes is a creation of an international historical and cultural tourism center which will be able to attract 2 million visitors per year.

Alina Derevianko, deputy director of the Development Fund of the Brest Fortress:
The concept was developed by a number of experts, both international, Belarusian, and Russian. A famous museum designer from Vienna (Austria) Dieter Bogner was its main supervisor. Of course, without state support and private investments the project cannot be realized. This project is considered to be realized within public and private partnership.