CTV channel on a tour of Brest-based dairy maker Savushkin Produkt

CTV channel on a tour of Brest-based dairy maker Savushkin Produkt

The economic effect of modernization undertaken in the Brest region this year amounts to almost BYR2 trillion. This was possible thanks to competent management at a number of enterprises in the region. Including Savushkin Produkt. The new system of work allowed expanding the geography of deliveries. My colleagues could see this in person. Journalists and top management of the CTV channel went to Brest. Anastasia Benedisyuk found much in common in the profession and a reporter and an employee of a food enterprise.

Anastasia Benedisyuk, CTV correspondent:
In general, the production process resembles the preparation of a news story. Here all actions are coherent and the result depends on each element. And last but not least: in both cases emphasis is made on raw materials: they must necessarily be of high quality.

Brest residents were waiting for the CTV, the channel that is one of the main sources of information and entertainment. The CTV met with the labor collective of the company Savushkin Produkt. The meeting was sincere and it seemed that old friends were talking to each other.

Ekaterina Zabenko, CTV:
It is very useful, joyful and nice to meet face to face with our audience.  

The company, as well as the CTV channel, works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Alexander Savchits, Director General of OAO Savushkin Produkt:
I like your TV channel, its news releases. I think that you have a very young team, like we do. So let us together seek our way. You are seeking your way to the audience and we will be trying to win hearts of consumers.

Alexander Zykov, Savushkin Produkt employee:
Belarus is also developing some sports channels, but your segment is also in demand.

Galina Kukresh, an employee of Savushkin Produkt:
In the morning when going to work, I always watch the CTV channel.

CTV journalists revealed some secrets of the new television season. Ekaterina Zabenko not miss the opportunity to advertise her project. Her documentary is about Brest, which is the cultural capital of Belarus.

Alexander Rogachuk, Chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee:
As a viewer I have my own preferences. Of course, these are morning programs, I like programs dedicated to Brest - the cultural capital. All Brest residents watch it with pleasure.  

After the "Q&A session", the CTV prepared a real surprise for the company employees: a concert featuring artists who sang known songs.

Anatoly Yarmolenko, People's Artist of Belarus:
The CTV channel will reach each labor collective, which is very important. I wish you success. I am sure that we will always be together.  

Young singer Ivan Buslai rocked the audience and some people stood up and applauded to the artist's music! The CTV staff then held an autograph session.