Photographer Dmitry Rusak – about Minsk, his work and secrets of success

Photographer Dmitry Rusak – about Minsk, his work and secrets of success

Dmitry Rusak - Minsk's photographer who works in different genres, but in his own style. He became the first Belarusian photographer who made our country famous abroad.

In the 5th form already, the boy had his own camera Smena. He made a lot of photos and learned to look at life through camera at a different angle.

Dmitry Rusak, photographer:
Everything was great, but a school annoyed – to go to school every day and to do homework. I envied grown-ups who come from work and do not have to do any homework. 

The photographer likes to wander along Minsk’s old streets. It seems as if he goes hunting around the city and his brain starts to work like a computer. He writes down the places he liked, remembers the light and the best time.                                                          

At the international contest World Photography Awards, he has been included twice in world's top 10 list. In 2009 – in Cannes, in 2010 – in London.

The most prestigious photo award was established by the World Photography Organization, it is open to both.

Every year, tens of thousands of professional and amateur photographers from all over the world send their works. And the ideological approach of our photographer was highly appreciated there.

Dmitry is attracted by natural life. The city in reflections or water expressionism – a mosaic of consciousness where everyone can see something special. Now, he is keen on abstraction.

Dmitry Rusak, photographer:
On the one hand, it’s a part of a house, but on the other hand, it can be viewed as an abstract picture, because the house itself is hardly seen – there are some orange, brown, blue, and black colors.

For Dmitry Rusak, Minsk is a wise old friend, with whom he can always talk about something or just be silent.

Dmitry Rusak, photographer:
It's pleasant when someone likes your works, but it’s unpleasant when you try to make your works good for someone like.

More galleries and more advertisements of Belarus artists, writers, and directors – that is what Dmitry Rusakov wants most of all.