New Belarus-Lithuania border checkpoint Zabolot opened

New Belarus-Lithuania border checkpoint Zabolot opened

On September 23, a new border checkpoint Zabolot was opened on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. Lida’s border guards are in charge of a new border checkpoint complex.

Video surveillance systems, interactive maps, satellite navigation, and the information online. Today, a duty officer at a border guard post looks more like a high quality software engineer. Monitors, interactive maps, means of communications, and modern software allow monitoring the border-line in real time.

Along with new methods of border protection, old proven methods are used as well. All the conditions for a dog service are created here.

Evgeny Firinovich, dog handler instructor (Lida’s border checkpoint):
This is my faithful friend Mukhtar. We’ve been working together for almost 7 years. There are several detentions on its account.

Special attention is paid to providing servicemen with nore comfort.

Andrei Snitko, border checkpoint Zabolot head:
Here, modern living conditions can be equaled to hotel conditions. There are entertainment and information rooms as well as all other necessary facilities.

Zabolot border checkpoint is a fully autonomous structure, which can operate independently for several days. It has its own well, power station, and boiler house.

This border post commissioning almost completed the modernization of the Belarusian-Lithuanian border .

Leonid Maltsev, Belarus State Border Committee Chairman:
The commissioning of new outposts and checkpoints should be viewed not just as a construction of new buildings, but as a real adaptation of state border protection systems to modern conditions.

It means that Belarus can protect the state border counteracting illegal migration and smugglingwith greatest success.