Belarus, Ukraine begin demarcation work in Brest region


Belarus, Ukraine begin demarcation work in Brest region

Work on the demarcation of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border began in the Brest region of Belarus.

Prior to the demarcation the two countries agreed on everything and determined the boundary line on the ground. At the stage of construction and installation work, both states must clear up to 5 kilometers of territory from each side. After that border pillars will be set up here. For the first time the sides will test a new way to mark the state border - Belarus and Ukraine will set up a single boundary marker. By the way, it will reduce the costs by almost 30%.

Alexander Arkhipov, head of the office for delimitation and demarcation of the state border of the State Border Committee of Belarus:
The Belarusian-Ukrainian state border runs along the drainage canals stretching over 300 km.
Such nature of the state border determined our decision to install border signs consisting of one element. To set next to the edge of the ditch a border sign consisting of three elements is impossible because of the cramped conditions. Screw piles will be used for the first time. They allow saving installation time and save money.    

The total length of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is almost 1,100 kilometers.Its demarcation will finish in seven years. During this time, 800 kilometers of glades will be cleared, 3,000 border signs will be set up and demarcation documents will be prepared. For these purposes, about 160 billion rubles have been allocated.