Alexander Lukashenko signs Belarus' application for 2016 Rio Olympics


Alexander Lukashenko signs Belarus' application for 2016 Rio Olympics

Darya Domracheva, Victoria Azarenka, and Anton Kushnir. It is not the entire list of names from the world of sport that are now associated with Belarus. Thanks to successful performances one can safely speak about the high prestige of Belarus in the global Olympic family.

On September 22 the sports theme sounded at the Belarusian Olympic committee.

Alexander Lukashenko visited the National Olympic Committee and signed application for participation of our team in the summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The head of state stressed that the 2016 Olympics will be a serious test for each athlete and coach.

Darya Domracheva, Victoria Azarenka, Alexandra Gerasimenya, Alexander Medved, and Natalia Tsilinskaya. Dozens of other legendary Belarusian Olympians and champions. Where and when will you be able to see them all together?

Belarusian athletes, officials and the President on September 22 laid an Olympic alley in Minsk, near the new building of the National Olympic Committee.

As many as 59 Belarusian athletes have met the requirements and standards to participate in 10 sports and 37 disciplines.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
All athletes are always under certain pressure. Athletes' life is the shortest, shorter than that of presidents and politicians. What is then? Therefore, if you reach this height and come under criticism in media, well, try to overcome this pressure. You are pressed not because you are bad people but because of your victories is more than politics. And when I go somewhere and say: Belarus I hear: Oh, Domracheva (this is said by Germans and other Europeans, who are very fond of biathlon). The Chinese tell me about her. You are part of politics.  We never look twice at every penny when it comes to sport despite the fact that we are not rich. And we have never violated our contract with athletes. We always fulfill our promises when it comes to athletes. In Soviet times, this was not the case. Therefore, we will control your performances.

Belarus remembers the achievements of recent years: the triumphal three gold medals of Darya Domracheva at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and her Big Crystal Globe. Gold of the Sochi Freestyle by Alla Tsuper and Anton Kushnir, the win of the Yevgeny Tsurkin, Marina Litvinchuk's in rowing, the medal of young biathlete Darya Blashko and many others.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Maybe you have something to ask me. I am open to any questions and suggestions. We are one family here after all. If you want to solve problems, let us solve them now, let us decide. Including personal, private problems.
I emphasize again that we have built many facilities. I do not want to see those objects used without control. We see more and more resentment coming from athletes and coaches. They say facilities are very expensive and it is not possible to train at Minsk Arena sometimes. Athletes need ideal conditions.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, three-time Olympic champion, winner of the Big Crystal Globe:
This event carries a symbolic message. The laying of the Olympic alley. I want to believe that this alley will be wider and wider and we will get more and more Olympic champions. Of course, first of all, we wish our athletes success at the Summer Olympics in Rio. We will support them and cheer for them in every way.

Vladimir Shantarovich, head coach of Belarusian national canoe/kayak team:
We are gearing up for more medals. I also want to say that we need to work so that we get more than 12 Olympic licenses (we have achieved it now, and this matches the result of the previous years). Looking at the performance of our team in the Olympic cycle I think we are on the right track.

Belarus is one of only two countries in the world to receive three(!) Olympic rhythmic gymnastics licenses for the upcoming Games in Brazil.

Arina Sharapa, rhythmic gymnastics national team of Belarus:
I do not like to think ahead, but I am looking forward to the Olympic Games in Rio. Next week I will feature in the championship of the country, then I fly to the RG Club Championships 2015 to Tokyo. I was happy with all conditions. I want coaches to keep enjoying what they are doing.