Belarusians increasingly use national media for reliable information


Belarusians increasingly use national media for reliable information

For obtaining reliable information Belarusians increasingly use the national media. These are the findings of opinion polls. Today on September 22 these results were voiced by information minister Liliya Ananich at a forum of young journalists.

The main topics of the meeting in 2015 became objectivity, availability and creativity in the presentation of the material.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
Today journalism in Belarus is targeted. Belarusian journalism is not indifferent to the concerns and needs of people. The potential of regional press must be judged on its consumer qualities. In terms of subscription figures, at present, regional media are the among the most read and popular.

Dmitry Boyarchuk, regional correspondent of the TV channel:
A journalist should not be lazy. The deeper journalists look into the heart of the matter, the less bias readers feel. When you know the matter from inside, you can find the format of presentation of information that will be objective and honest and will allow journalists to be responsible.