President Lukashenko lays Olympic alley in Minsk


President Lukashenko lays Olympic alley in Minsk

Belarusian sport contributes greatly to the promotion of national interests, said President Alexander Lukashenko while visiting the National Olympic Committee. Successes in sport (Belarus has a lot of them) promote our country in the international arena. The head of state also noted that Belarus is associated with the name biathlon star Darya Domracheva.

Now our athletes are preparing for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Their performances will largely determine the image of the country.

Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that some of the greatest athletes in the media resent that they are under too much pressure from the public. The head of state urged the athletes to perceive it adequately.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
All athletes are always under certain pressure. Athletes' life is the shortest, shorter than that of presidents and politicians. What is then? Therefore, if you reach this height and come under criticism in media, well, try to overcome this pressure. You are pressed not because you are bad people but because of your victories is more than politics. And when I go somewhere and say: Belarus I hear: Oh, Domracheva (this is said by Germans and other Europeans, who are very fond of biathlon). The Chinese tell me about her. You are part of politics.  We never look twice at every penny when it comes to sport despite the fact that we are not rich. And we have never violated our contract with athletes. We always fulfill our promises when it comes to athletes. In Soviet times, this was not the case. Therefore, we will control your performances.

Alexander Lukashenko signed the guest book of the NOC and took part in a ceremony to lay an Olympic alley together with Belarusian athletes.

59 athletes in 10 sports already have a license to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio. It is planned that Belarusian athletes will receive about 150 licenses.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, three-time Olympic champion, winner of the Big Crystal Globe:
This event carries a symbolic message, the laying of the Olympic alley. I want to believe that this avenue will expand more and more and that Belarus will have more and more Olympic champions. Of course, first of all I want to wish luck to those athletes who will represent Belarus in Rio. We will support them in every possible way.

Lyubov Cherkashina, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, rhythmic gymnastics:
Belarus, unlike other countries pays huge attention to rhythmic gymnastics. I think that in Belarus everyone can take up any sport they like. Especially now, in September, the beginning of the academic year. If you come to our rhythmic gymnastics gym, you will see crowds of people.