Street Art Festival Vulica Brasil in Minsk: Graffiti masterpieces


Street Art Festival Vulica Brasil in Minsk: Graffiti masterpieces

Minsk is a vibrant city. This was once again proved by the recent Belarusian-Brazilian street art festival. After the success of 2014 Brazilian art returned once again to give Minsk another bunch of presents.

Danilo Teofilo Costa, first secretary of the Embassy of Brazil in Minsk:
Everyone knows about Brazil, that we have coffee, beaches, carnivals and football. It's true, we have it all. But we also have world-class graffiti artists. And we wanted to show it in Belarus. Today we have painted 10 walls. Our goal was to make Minsk more beautiful. I hope that we have accomplished our mission.

Taking part in the 2015 edition of the festival were four internationally renowned artists from Brazil.

The brothers Pandolfo, Otavio and Gustavo, began to paint on the streets of Sao Paulo 25 years ago when they were all thirteen.

Gustavo Pandolfo, artist (Brazil)
Our favorite color is yellow. And we always use it, because it is the identification of our style, because yellow means something very special, mystical. My brother and I found in this color something akin to meditation.
When we arrived here, we changed sketches, because initially it is difficult to measure it all when you don't actually stand near the building. Now it is a Minsk giant.

The youngest artist in the Vulica Brasil team is Rimon Guimarães. He is known for his bold use of bright colors.

Rimon Guimarães, artist (Brazil)
I like to take different colors and create a dialogue between them. One color tells you which one will follow it and the next tells you the color you will continue with again. 
This is a simplified woman's face. It appeared many years ago, in prehistoric times, when the art was in its infancy. At each point of the earth there is a personification of a female. And now I am painting it the way I see and imagine it myself.

One of the representatives of Belarusian street art Sergey Rusak puts the main emphasis on complex and simple compositions made in masking technique. He gave our city the image of Count Chapsky.

Count Chapsky

Belarusian Evgeny Cowek continued his work Old Man With The Harp on the wall of one of the factory buildings in 16 Oktyabrskaya Street. The second part of his work is "Round Dance", which symbolizes memories. By the way, anyone can join the runaround for a spectacular photo.

Another representative of Belarusian street art festival Vulica Brasil is Ales Kontra. The artist in his work touched on the theme of ecology.

Ales Kontra, artist (Belarus):
This owl is unique, there are only two couples of barn owls left. Birdwatchers told me. I drew the third couple. This work arises lots of thoughts. I think this owl also characterizes Belarusian soul. Seemingly featureless monochrome owl has colored chest which becomes part of a felled oak, which will once germinate.

The organizer of the festival - the Brazilian Embassy in Minsk - is not going to stop. It promised to continue to share cultural traditions of their country with Minsk residents!