Youth of Belarus: How to find and support talents?

Youth of Belarus: How to find and support talents?

The year 2015 was declared the Year of Youth in Belarus. Every fourth citizen of our country are people aged 14 to 31. These are people who under the law belong to the youth. What is the present and future of the youth in Belarus? This was the topic of the talk show "Such is the fate" on the CTV channel.

Nina Kalita, Head of the Center for Information and Social Technologies of the Central Committee of NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union":
Based on opinion polls, the main values of our young people are family, work and self-realization. The age of respondents was 14-31.

Nadezhda Tsyrkun, psychologist:
Any next generation is a portrait of their parents. The youth of today are actually the older generation who question the values ​​of life. And if you doubt, you cannot produce the inner core. No core no guiding star. Therefore, we sometimes see confusion. But there are of course different layers of the youth.

There are talented children, lots of them. What determines the success of the young talents?

Irina Morozova, teacher:
It depends primarily on parents. We all understand it 100%. Successes depend also on teachers who can help a child when parents are away.

Melitina Stanyuta, gymnast:
Not all depends on the talent, not all. For example, I had a lot of friends who were incredibly talented and they just needed to work a bit more to achieve success. But they lacked that tiny bit of additional motivation. I think the first coach plays a very important role. He literally makes you fall in love with what you are doing. If you have already fallen in love with what you're doing, you will achieve any heights.
In Belarus, there are a lot of athletes and artists, composers - a lot of talented people. And any support - recognition and support of the state - are of course needed. Of course, when people know you and wait for you in your hometown, this is worth a lot.  

Support is needed. Fortunately, Belarus has the fund for social support of gifted students.

Yulia Pashkevich, Secretary of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for social support of gifted students:
This fund will celebrate 20 years in Jan 2016. Over this time, more than 31,000 rewards and prizes, including financial support, have been given to our students, the students, and teaching staff. All this suggests that our country has many talented people and it is important to see them in time, to be able to support and help them.

How to find talented young people?

Anzhela Kudoyarova, chief specialist of the Department of General Secondary Education, Ministry of Education:
A system of support of talented, gifted young people from 1 to 11 grades is well developed in Belarus.  For example, in 2015 we will carry out the research competition "I am a researcher." It will bring together high school students and pupils of preschool educational institutions.  Teachers, talented children and parents will select competitors. There must be a tandem to ensure that we have some result in the end.
We also hold academic Olympiads. This is for senior grades 9th-11th. 

Yulia Pashkevich, Secretary of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for social support of gifted students:
Gifted children in Belarus are included in the data bank of talented youth. The bank was created at the initiative of the head of state in 2004. The main purpose of it is to monitor the further professional development of gifted children. Now 5,778 people are in the database. I would like to note that this bank is not static. It is constantly updated. After major intellectual competitions new names appear in the bank. Any organization, any government agency may submit a petition to the Ministry of Education and ask to include a talented person in this data bank. They will be in this data bank up to 31.  

What is wrong in our young people?

Vladimir Krylovich, entrepreneur:
I think that life today puts young people in such conditions in which they feel easier than the older generation.

Don't they have to struggle for something? 

Alesya Vinnik, coordinator of the contest "100 Ideas for Belarus":
I would not agree with our expert in the field of business. Today, the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" has half-million members - every fourth young citizen of the country. And every year more than 70 thousand young persons work in students brigades. Maybe they do not build the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline Railway, which was a nationwide building site in the Soviet Union), but they are building the third Ring Road, they are now building the Belarusian nuclear power plant. They earn money and thus know the price of their first ruble. Today, more than 25,000 annually every summer and spring help veterans, the elderly, and children who find themselves in difficult situations. They visit orphanages or other similar institutions.

One thing is clear: Belarus has much to be proud of. And talented youth represents one of the major prides this country.