Coin collectors' international conference held in Belarus September 15

Coin collectors' international conference held in Belarus September 15

How much does money cost? Numismatists know exactly. Specialists from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia gathered on September 15 in Minsk for an international conference. Belarusian collectors presented their achievements and the latest editions of coins issued by the National Bank of Belarus.

Joseph Sudnik has been collecting coins since WWII. Today, the collector boasts more than three thousand coins of different eras and nations.

Joseph Sudnik, chairman of the Belarusian national public association of collectors: 
There is a rivalry between collectors. We spend much time to get a coin sometimes.

Coins are living witnesses of the formation and development of unions and individual states.

Zbyszek, collector (Slovakia): 
I have all Belarusian paper money and commemorative coins. I study history from archival sources and I know monetary history of all middle- and eastern European countries.

The monetary system of sovereign Belarus, despite its young age, has a few turns of its development. 50 kopeck, 200 rubles, 5 million rubles as well as 10 and 50 ruble banknotes are already in the past. Belarus has never issued coins but jubilee coins are available thanks to the Belarusian National Bank.

Svetlana Nekrasova, author of a series of commemorative coins for the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War:
A coin is not just a piece of precious metal, it is definitely an information message. Our coins are sincere and lyrical, symbolic and conceptual.