Belarus taking part in military exercise Combat Commonwealth 2015


Belarus taking part in military exercise Combat Commonwealth 2015

The Ashuluk firing range was protected from a massive assault. As part of the exercises "Combat Commonwealth 2015" air defense forces of the allied states, which include Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and others, hit over 20 targets. They worked out a scenario of a sudden air attack. The active phase is complete and now the exercise "Shield of the Fatherland" is gaining momentum.

According to a legend, the enemy with air support crosses the border of Kazakhstan. At the same moment, a joint group of allied states' forces are ready to attack the first targets.

Maxim Slizh, CTV:
The peculiarity of military cooperation is interaction between the forces of defense and aviation. It is Belarusian pilots who are now attacking the enemy.

Ground targets are hit and pilots proceed to air combat.

This maneuver is aimed at breaking the enemy's defense, who, in turn, tries to strike back. Rocketeers intersect the target and the Belarusian "Bug" hits the target representing high-precision weapons at a record distance.    

Учения «Боевое содружество-2015» в Астраханской области

Andrei Dikanev, head of anti-aircraft missile troops of the air force and air defense forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Traditionally, we used missile targets "Pishchal", which represented a strategic ballistic missile. Today, it flew to a record height of almost 18 km. This kind of shooting requires luck. Today luck was on our side.  

The overall result of shooting - 21 target and 40 shots. Defense coalition forces demonstrate coherence and understanding at the highest level. Taking part in the drills from the Belarusian side were over 400 troops. At each stage of collective defense, they proved that our air defense and air forces keep the sky under control.   

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus: 
Simulators of air targets, which we used today, are almost identical to modern means of air attacks of a potential enemy. According to some characteristics, the former even surpass them. Today, aviation and missile units adequately performed their tasks.    

The active phase of shooting at Ashuluk firing range finished while the exercise "Shield of the Union" is only gaining momentum. Belarusian mechanized units, together with Russian colleagues, will conduct a large-scale anti-terrorist operation.