President Lukashenko discusses with Darya Domracheva preparation for Biathlon Race of Legends


President Lukashenko discusses with Darya Domracheva preparation for Biathlon Race of Legends

Let's start with the theme of the upcoming sports event that will certainly be the main event this Saturday, which is the City Day. We are talking about Race of Legends, which will gather in Minsk world biathlon stars who have completed their career. President Alexander Lukashenko discussed the preparation for the event with the Hero of Belarus, triple Olympic champion, winner of the Big Crystal Globe last season Darya Domracheva September 10.

As a true fan of biathlon the head of state asked about the expectations and preparation for the upcoming sporting event.

On 12 September, winners of 20 gold medals of different seasons will gather in Raubichi. Beginning from Sarajevo 1984 to Vancouver 2010. The sports festival "Race of Legends - stars of biathlon for peace" will bring together legends Sven Fischer, Ricco Gross, Lars Berger, Yuri Kashkarov and Alyona Zubrilova. The legendary Sergei Tarasov will also be in Belarus tomorrow. In terms of the number of Olympic medals among Russian biathletes, he, with 4 medals, is third behind only Alexander Tikhonov and Sergei Chepikov.

Sergei Tarasov, Olympic champion 1994, twice champion of the world:
I spent a lot of time in Raubichi, back in 1983 when I was beginning my career. From 1983 I started to travel to Belarus. It's been long since I have last been to Raubichi, can't wait to see the complex again! I therefore took early ticket, for tomorrow. I actually wanted to arrive tomorrow and immediately ski there. There is certain excitement but there is also interest.

Andrei Astashevich, director of the national winter Olympic training center Raubichi:
This is a unique symbiosis of a World Championship, World Cup, but among veterans, I would say. Taking part in the race will be those who won many medals in the past and proved with their work that they are great athletes. The complex is fully prepared for the event. Tomorrow we will put finishing touches. We will prepare shopping points, places of entertainment for kids and adults.

As many as 6,000 tickets were bought in a flash after the start of sales. But tickets are only for those who want to see the race. However, you will still be able to visit the complex "Raubichi", take part in the fair "City of Masters", taste national cuisines, and this all is free!

Yuri Albers, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation:
Tickets were sold out long ago. Just two days ago the organizing committee discussed the possibility of release of additional tickets, because the interest of the audience is very huge. And as far as I know, they released a few hundred more tickets. They are also sold out as far as I know. We count on about 10,000 visitors.

Vadim Radyuk, champion of the youth national biathlon team of Belarus:
We cannot wait to see them, to cheer for the former Olympic champions and gain some experience. I have an idol - it's Lars Berger of Norway, because I like his skiing technique.

Three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva is one of the organizers of the sporting event in Raubichi. She herself cannot partake in the competition since she is an acting athlete. But Darya will be there a guest of honor.

Darya, the winner of the Big Crystal Globe, presented an exact copy of the trophy to the Belarus President.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Is this that very globe you won?

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Big Crystal Globe, three-time Olympic champion in biathlon:
Yes, this is a globe. This is an exact copy specially prepared for you!

Alexander Lukashenko:
Thank you! I would like to hear your assessment of our preparation. The race takes place in a few days.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winners of the Big Crystal Globe, three-time winner of the Winter Olympics:
Yes, the Race of Legends is of course a grand and unique event. I think that more Belarusians have fallen in love with biathlon and in my opinion, all of our fans deserve this biathlon festival.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Have everyone come?

Darya Domracheva:
Sportsmen? They will arrive in a couple of days. They will come and next day they will be on the track. I hope the weather will be fine on that day.

Alexander Lukashenko:
There should be no rain as far as I know.

Darya Domracheva
No, there shouldn't be any rain.  I hope a lot of people will be in the stands. There will be by the way two big screens near the stadium where people will be able to watch and feel the passion and atmosphere!

Alexander Lukashenko:
Maybe it is not necessary to limit people? Let them stand somewhere along the track.

Darya Domracheva:
Along the track - of course. People will be there too, we are preparing for that. The fact is that tickets for places along the track have been sold out too.

The President and the biathlete talked about the physical shape of the Belarusian biathlon team. In general, Alexander Lukashenko and Darya Domracheva are old and good friends. At the Minsk skiing race before the Olympic medals Daria defended the colors of the presidential team. Today's meeting in the Palace of Independence was friendly and warm.

Darya Domracheva:
Much time has passed since our last meeting. Of course, the President asked me about my state and the state of the team. Although he certainly knows the situation. He maybe just wanted to double check some information. In general, the meeting went very well, the mood was good, we both felt it! He of course asked me about my health. Everything was very good.

In Belarus, biathlon is one of the priority sports. It is being developed in seven regions of the country. Local national competitions are held in the Brest, Grodno and Vitebsk regions. There are more than fifty places for biathlon training. Raubichi has repeatedly hosted international biathlon competitions. After the recent renovation the complex can hold Olympic Games.