CTV Channel meets with Minsk Meat Packing Plant's labor collective

CTV Channel meets with Minsk Meat Packing Plant's labor collective

Television goes to its viewers! The CTV channel continues a press tour dedicated to the 15th birthday of the TV channel and the beginning of the new television season. This time the CTV's presenters and top management met with the 150,000-strong labor collective of the Minsk Meat Packing Plant. 

This leg of the press tour began with the changing of clothes. Everyone who enters the production area of the enterprise must wear special costumes to which strict sanitation requirements apply. The CTV is at the Minsk Meat Packing Plant, one of the oldest companies in Minsk.

Olga Sakharova, presenter of the TV program “Minsk and Minsk residents”, head of the directorate for art programs of ZAO Stolichnoye Televideniye (Capital Television):
We are separated by this transparent lens but your today’s proposals regarding particular TV programs are very useful, not only to us, TV makers.

Irina Pudova, computer operator of OAO Minsk Meat Packing Plant:
Why do I love the CTV? Because you tell us about the same ordinary people in a way that ordinary people can easily understand.

Yelena Zhuk, foreign economic activity specialist, OAO Minsk Meat Packing Plant:
I watch the program “News 24 Hours” because you touch upon the most urgent topics of the day.

Congratulations, wishes, face-to-face communication and of course questions to beloved TV presenters who workers of this enterprise see on a blue screen every day. The moments when the blue screen does not separate viewers and TV makers are especially valuable.

The most important question during the meeting was of course how to get to the TV!

Dmitry Kokhovets, director general of OAO Minsk Meat Packing Plant:
Thanks to the CTV Channel. You brought a true celebration to our collective and I hope that our labor productivity will increase thanks to your visit!

The press tour of the CTV continues. The next stop is the city on the River Dnieper – Mogilev.