Belarus-Russia military drills Union Shield 2015 start 10 September


Belarus-Russia military drills Union Shield 2015 start 10 September

On September 10, there begins the joint operational exercise of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia Union Shield 2015.

The exercise involves more than 8,000 soldiers of the two states, 400 combat vehicles, including about 100 tanks, dozens of planes and helicopters.

The main action will unfold in the Leningrad and Pskov regions of Russia.

Air support of troops and verification of the United Regional Air Defense System of the Union State will be tested at aircraft polygons Kingisepp and Ashuluk.

Oleg Belokonev, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:
These exercises take into account risks, challenges and threats that may arise or exist in relation to the interests of not only the internal security of the Republic of Belarus but also the collective security of the Eastern European region. And, of course, every soldier gets practice during such drills. Every year, the exercises become more advanced and more realistic if compared to active hostilities. We use them to practice the most difficult issues.

Part of the drills connected with the moving of the contingent of troops over long distances has already completed. The drills will show the compatibility of managing the newest systems of control of troops and weapons.

The exercises are purely defensive in nature and not directed against any country. Their goal is to maintain stability, peace and tranquility in the Eastern European region.