Belarusians' intellectual development level at over 99%

Belarusians' intellectual development level at over 99%

Read. Write. Study. The level of intellectual development in Belarus is more than 99%. These are the data of the latest census.

Anna Evseevna is 96, four years short of the 100th anniversary. Four years is exactly the number of years children study in elementary school. Anna still has problems writing.   

Anna Sheveleva:
What school? Grandma said I needed to feed pigs, milk cows, weave, plant potatoes, beets, and cabbage. That is what real school of life was about.

At 12 years she worked for the master. At 20 the girl was chosen a groom, but the wedding did not take place. War began and her would-be husband was taken to the front. Then she joined the troops. During the time spent on the battlefield, Anna Evseevna learned only the ABC of war. But a couple of months at the desk were not in vain. Quite modestly and with errors, Anna Evseevna is trying her best to write.   

Belarus has only a small number of people like Anna Sheveleva, which is evidenced by figures. According to unofficial data, 18% of the world population (this does not include children up to 15 years) did not master basic skills.

Andrei Borichevsky, spokesman for the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus:        
According to the latest census (2009) the level of literacy among the adult population was 99.6%. It is hard to compare us in terms of literacy with other countries since corresponding ratings are not compiled by international agencies. At the same time, I think we are somewhere at the level of developed European countries.

With the level of literacy, the amount of knowledge in Belarus is also growing.  Younger Belarusians are 100 percent covered by primary and basic education. The number of those who enroll in colleges and universities is increasing every year.

Of course, this trend is due to government support. Every year from the state allocates millions of dollars through the budget. The proportion of Belarus' education spending is much higher than that in Russia and Kazakhstan.