Volunteers helping guards protect Belarus' state border

Volunteers helping guards protect Belarus' state border

Belarusians are now able to participate in the protection of state borders with professional border guards. This is provided for by a new Presidential Decree. Volunteers have the right to check documents and inspect transportation within the border zone and beyond.

Residents of the border village Adelsk Piotr Eysmont works at the border post almost every day. Piotr has been helping border guards for over 30 years.

Piotr Eysmont, volunteer:
I once stopped an illegal intruder. I told him that he was in the border zone. And then I gave him my volunteer's documents. He said he was going to visit his granny. I asked to see his documents but he just left. I called for help and chased him until border guards arrived.

Vladimir Trutnev, commander of the local volunteer militia, is concurrently chairman of the local village council. Under him 30 other villagers help protect the Belarus border. For them it is a way of life, rather than the obligation, the man says.

However, not only volunteers help border guards. All local residents consider themselves "defenders" of Belarus' borders, at least to some extent.

Sergey Shumeyko, representative of the Grodno border group:
A local resident was walking to work this morning and saw an unknown man with a backpack on his shoulders moving into the forest. He immediately called the frontier point. In a few minutes the potential violator of the border was arrested.

Thanks to the Decree of the Head of State, local volunteers got the right to check suspicious people's documents and even detain them. Villagers are convinced that the number of violators of the border will now decrease significantly.