Biathlon Race of Legends due in Raubichi September 12


Biathlon Race of Legends due in Raubichi September 12

Famous shooting skiers will come to Belarus at the invitation of the triple Olympic champion, winner of the Big Crystal Globe Darya Domracheva. Taking part in the large sports festival will be biathletes who together rose to the highest step of the podium the Olympic Winter Games 20 times!

They will compete alongside other medalists and world champions. Among those who will come to Minsk are stars like Sven Fischer, Ricco Gross, Lars Berger, Yuri Kashkarov and Alyona Zubrilova.  

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Big Crystal Globe, three-time Olympic champion:
This race of legends is a unique event not only for Belarus, but also around the world.  Today we have a terrific biathlon center in Raubichi, which is an ideal place for the holding of such an event. All the conditions have been created there.

Raubichi earlier this year held the IBU Youth/Junior World Championships 2015.  Participants of the championship noted a high quality of the track and the entire Olympic Training Center.