Belarus ready for open cooperation with India in all fields


Belarus ready for open cooperation with India in all fields

Belarus is ready for open cooperation with India in all fields, said President Alexander Lukashenko meeting with the Minister of Trade and Industry of that South Asian country. He also met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus.

Manoj Kumar Bharti is about to complete his diplomatic mission in Minsk. Trade and the economy is the foundation of any relationship, the President said. Therefore, the successful development of the dialogue in all fields is determined by the work of key ministries.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that India is a friendly country and Belarus has considered it as such since the Soviet times. Now these relations are evolving and growing stronger.

Alexander Lukashenko: 
We had good discussions and agreed on many things. I think that your visit will be valuable because we will begin to implement these agreements in practice. 
Trade and economic relations are the foundation of our relationship, and the success of the bilateral relations in all areas depends on how closely our ministers will work.

Nirmala Sitharaman: 
Belarus as part of the Soviet Union actively cooperated with India. The visit of our president to Belarus will long remain in our memory. Our head of state declared Belarus a country with a free market, and it was well received in India. Our country allocated Belarus a credit line of 100 million U.S. dollars. We hope that we will find projects in which we will be able to use this money.

The nations reached a new level of cooperation after the recent visit of the President of India to Belarus during which several documents were signed. They related to taxation, finance, standardization and information support. Also, the parties approved the roadmap setting out concrete steps for further cooperation. This document focuses on economic and investment partnership as well as cooperation in the field of technology.