Over 100 injured in Ukraine parliament protests


Over 100 injured in Ukraine parliament protests

In Kiev, last week began with an explosion at the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament. The grenade injured more than 100 people.  Ukrainian authorities promised to respond rapidly to the incident that led to the death of four people. However, the shock relay continued. Two days later a bomb exploded in the office of the nationalist "Right Sector".

Olga Petrashevskaya, CTV:
The tragic events near the Verkhovna Rada and the echoes of the whole week are hanging in the air. Monday. Terrible heat, nearly 40C in Kiev. But that day it was hot not only because of weather. In a couple of days weather forecasts were full of storm alerts and a true whirl of events: arrests, detentions and true fighting for the lives of the wounded. But prayers did not help everyone. This week the nature and the whole of Ukraine mourned those killed in the clashes.

It all started, as so often happens, with a peaceful rally. But after MPs approved amendments to the Constitution in terms of Ukraine's decentralization, the square near the Verkhovna Rada turned into a fighting front.

Soldiers of the National Guard - non-professionals, actually young men, conscripts - were maybe ready to firecrackers and smoke bombs, but not a grenade given that the anti-terrorist operation area is hundreds of kilometers away.

One law enforcement officer lost a leg, another was left without an eye. This is his helmet with the hole. But for four servicemen this duty in a peaceful rally in the city center was the last one...

Ivan Horuzhy, soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine:
It's a shame that young guys came up for military service, they were only 20 years old, and just died...

Cordons surrounded the parliament building every day after the tragic events.

Katerina lives far from Kiev, but she followed the events as if her grandson was also there, near the Parliament. The woman, 76, stands near the road trying to sell vegetables from her small garden.

Katerina's pension is less than $50 and the news about increased pensions from September 1 evokes only desperation.

Anton Finko, political scientist:
It should be borne in mind that these promises come ahead of another increase in electricity prices.

People do not believe even promises enshrined in laws. And continue to remind the government about bonuses that it promised before the election against the background of the events on the Maidan.

Svetlana Musevich:
We were promised a human life. We have not received it. Only lies! We led them to these elections but they keep lying to us.   They lied when they asked to wait. They continue to lie.

But amid meetings with empty pots Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko with fanfares opened the 900 meters of the road in a prestigious district of the capital, which cost the budget almost half a million dollars!

Very soon the people of Ukraine may once again bathe in the sun promises. Regional elections are coming as early as this October. At a time when the country's GDP (according to the State Statistics Service) fell by 15% in the second quarter of 2015, the political rhetoric becomes the most unequivocal.

Volodymyr Fesenko, a political scientist:  
There is a term "buckwheat" - grocery bags. And then people began to use direct payments. And then people say: 'This man helps us, so we will vote for him. Maybe he will help us when he becomes an MP'. This psychology works.

"Will we survive until the local elections?" asks the head of the office of the "Right Sector" in one of the districts of Kiev. A grenade was thrown into the window of the organization located on the first floor of a residential house.

Konstantin Likhitchenko, head of "Right Sector - Obolon":
The grenade landed here. These boxes saved us. The blast destroyed the window and the door. Splinters flew to the end of the corridor. There was a fire. If it had hit the gas pipe, the consequences would have been sadder.