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Gerard Depardieu going to live in Belarus for some time

Gerard Depardieu is going to live in Belarus. The famous French actor voiced this intention in an interview with Le Figaro TV Magazine. He admitted that he wants to sell all his property in France and move to Belarus - to such an extent is he amazed by the beauty of our nature and people.

Gerard Depardieu arrived in Belarus at the end of July 2015. During the visit, he took a steam bath, tasted national dishes, visited the agricultural enterprises in the Minsk region and met informally with President Alexander Lukashenko, who gave the actor hand-scything master class.

Жерар Депардье рассматривает возможность переехать на постоянное место жительства в Беларусь

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent Depardieu reiterated his sympathy for Belarus and expressed his sincere bewilderment in connection with the prejudices that are prevalent in relation to Belarus in the West.

Gerard Depardieu, actor, director: 
I was impressed with the people of Belarus. I saw houses, forests, rivers, and wide roads. These roads were just like the French ones. I was surprised by the quality of people's life.

Gerard Depardieu going to live in Belarus for some time