Adventures of Chinese in Belarus: CTV channel organizes tour for guests from China


Adventures of Chinese in Belarus: CTV channel organizes tour for guests from China

Some Chinese believe that the best holidays are... in Belarus. The CTV channel has organized a tour of Belarus for two Chinese citizens. 

Wang Jia and Li Shen ask to call them simply: Nadia and Lesha (two Russian names). From the first minutes of dialogue, the level of their Russian language surprises us. Both turn out to be experienced translators.

Wang Jia:
This is a beautiful country, real nature, people are very hospitable and kind.

We decided to supplement the usual associative line and show our Chinese friends Belarus from unexpected angles.

Leaving Minsk, we visit the oldest health resort of Belarus. The sanatorium is in a picturesque place on the banks of Minskoye More Lake.

This is a vitamin mixture designed by the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The basis of this mixture is briar.

Wang Jia:
It's definitely not like our tea.

Mud baths are known in China. But Nadia and Lesha are interested in Belarusian specifics of this "ritual".

Li Shen:
It is very warm and cool.

Wan Jia and Li Shen are partially familiar with Belarusian culture. They visited the Brest Fortress, and the castles in Nesvizh and Mir. We decided to visit a gentry manor of the 18th century.

Once these lands belonged to the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stefan Batory. Later they were owned by the Vishnevetsky and Radziwill princes.

Wang Jia:
I feel that emperors lived here.

No, these are lands of the gentry.

Wang Jia and Li Shen later argued with which the Chinese society class they can compare Belarusian gentry. 

While Nadia was studying a rich collection of tapestries and paintings, Lesha, armed with a sword, was trying on the role of a brave soldier.

The Chinese were also shown a popular medieval dance and then looked at Belarus from a height of several hundred meters (watch video).

We asked for a visit to one of the farmsteads of the Volozhin district. Its host is a hereditary beekeeper. 

Vasily shows a glass hive. Through the walls, you can see the entire process of honeycomb building.

Li Shen:
I think your honey is cleaner than ours. Because you have cleaner nature.

The Chinese were impressed by other attributes of rural life. The well particularly surprised the couple.

Wang Jia and Li Shen began to wash the cucumber immediately, shared it as brothers and gushed compliments at the farmstead owner.

Wang Jia: 
They are tastier than those from the supermarket! It is sweet and delicious!

The Chinese were offered fresh honey, which delighted them too!

Wang Jia:
The most delicious honey!

However, it was not easy to surprise our Chinese friends with gastronomic wonders. Wang Jia and Li Shen earlier tasted a lot of dishes from Belarusian cuisine. But we managed to find a meal, of which they had not heard.

Wang Jia:
Hi! Could you tell me please, what is "kartofan"?

Kartofan has only recently appeared in the menu of Minsk restaurants. This is so-called dranikburger (potato pancake burger). It has different versions: with bacon, cheese sauce and even salmon. But unlike its American counterpart, the Belarusian fast food is natural and healthy.

Li Shen:
Real jam!

After the tour, Wang Jia and Li Shen shared their impressions and reviewed photos again and again. They frankly admitted that they re-fell in love with Belarus.

Wang Jia and Li Shen:
Belarusians, we love you!!!