Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus' entry at 2015 Junior Eurovision: I want nothing less than a good result!

Ruslan Aslanov, Belarus' entry at 2015 Junior Eurovision: I want nothing less than a good result!

Ruslan Aslanov will sing the song "Magic". He did not leave anyone indifferent at the Belarusian qualification for Junior Eurovision. Ruslan hopes that the same magic will work in the final of the international competition in Bulgaria.

 Ruslan Aslanov is a student of a Minsk gymnasium and a music school (saxophone). He won third place at New Wave 2014. Also, the boy is a superfinalist of the second season of the TV project "The Voice. Children."

During participation in that contest you chose the song Mama Knows Best. Why this one?

Ruslan Aslanov, representative of Belarus at the Junior Song Contest Eurovision 2015: 
This song has a certain mood. Together with my teacher we chose it and began to work. We decided to work on it closely and you see: I earned quite good results at both "Children's New Wave" and "The Voice. Children."

It requires a certain expression.

Ruslan Aslanov: 
Every time I am surprised with what I open in myself.

You feel so much attention now. Aren't you tired?

Ruslan Aslanov: 
No. Not tired. It is even nice to feel all this.

Aren't you afraid of star disease?

Anna Aslanova (mother of Ruslan):
He always answers: "I have a mom who will always cure the disease!" To become a star, he needs to work much more. I want to tell all mothers: "If your child has some abilities, you need to exert every effort!"

Singing classes and teachers... Does it affect the studies?

Ruslan Aslanov: 
If it's just singing lessons, in principle, it is a normal system. Children must be occupied permanently, because, otherwise they might do something that will only harm them. It is my personal opinion. As for now ... The "Voice. Children" project required so much time. Starting from October to March and April, we constantly lived between Kiev and Minsk. I had to stury in trains and airplanes.

On November 21 you will defend the honor of Belarus in Bulgaria. Do you understand the responsibility that rests on your shoulders?

Ruslan Aslanov: 
Yes. I myself want good results not only for Belarus but also for themselves. I have been working towards this. So I don't want anything less than a good result.