Belarus' Premier gives lecture for BelAZ students on Knowledge Day

Belarus' Premier gives lecture for BelAZ students on Knowledge Day

On the Day of Knowledge students of one of the capital's engineering schools attended an unusual lesson. It was held in the territory of the industrial giant. Acting as the professor was the Belarusian Prime Minister.

Mr Kobyakov told the schoolchildren about his professional career, which began with the work of a master at a factory. He also stressed that the prestige of working professions raises every year. BelAZ alone employs about 200 young professionals annually.

Andrei Kobyakov, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
It is necessary to attract new young cadres. Prepare them and train. This is a natural process - rejuvenation. These young people will allow us to get new ideas, new inspiration and creativity. Because the fusion of experience and youth, creativity and classic approaches always gives a good result.

Now BelAZ employs about 2,500 young professionals. The industrial giant has arrangements with a number of educational institutions who supply the company with young staff.

Piotr Parkhomchik, General Director of BelAZ:
BelAZ continues to take young professionals. Admission this year is 210 - 220 people. BelAZ is lucky because Zhodino, where the plant is based, there is a high school training exactly the specialists we need. This is why we can always hire new people, new specialists. We also establish cooperation with other schools.