30 foreign students come to Minsk to study Belarusian language

30 foreign students come to Minsk to study Belarusian language

However, now they still have a slight accent. Some 30 foreigners from Japan, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany and other countries have come to Belarus to learn our native language.

The architecture of the postwar period is what attracts Adam, one of the students from the Czech Republic.

Adam Falber, student (Czech Republic):
There is already modern architecture of the XXI century. There are some monuments. Not as many as in Prague and in other European capitals but you also have them.  This is why I like Minsk: a combination of epochs.

Lyudmila Kazhuhovskaya, head of the department of youth policy and socio-cultural communications of the National Institute for Higher Education:
Of course, we consider the summer school as a platform for communication, which will work for the image of our language, of our country and our culture.

In addition to workshops and lectures, students will be offered quite a varied cultural program. It includes tours, private lessons, which resemble a meeting of old friends than speech scientists. Belarusian games, songs and dances are also on schedule.

Natalia, Belarusian language teacher (Estonia):
We have some children who don't even know about Belarus. They come to us and we help them and find something interesting.

Siora, Belarusian language teacher (Japan):
I was already in Brest and Grodno. I saw there more European-looking buildings and churches. The difference from Russia is drastic.

The Higher Education Institute plans to create a center of certification, which will issue documents confirming the knowledge by each student of the Belarusian language.