Belarus reinforcing border with Ukraine


Belarus reinforcing border with Ukraine

Belarus is reinforcing its southern borders. Against the backdrop of new alarming news from the southeast of Ukraine, Belarus is taking special care about the strength of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Demarcation works have been underway since November 2013, when the first border sign was installed.

Alexander Dobriyan, CTV:
The Belarusian-Ukrainian border - is more than a thousand kilometers of water, land and inaccessible swampy areas. These causeways are built for such hard to reach areas. By the way, this is a know-how of Belarusian border guards.

A network of border causeways is another way to increase border guards' mobility. A no man's land stretches in parallel with them. And hundreds of meters away are sensors, secrets posts and other facilities that ordinary people can see.

The Belarusian-Ukrainian border has become even stronger: no one will pass unnoticed here. Man with the dog is irreplaceable even in the age of high technologies.

Equipment of new border posts on the southern border is impressive. This is how the boundary between the civilized states should look like. Such are realities of today. Meanwhile, the southern gate of Belarus – the checkpoint Novaya Guta - is operating normally. However, the high technologies are also used at the border: for example off-roaders made in Belarus, which has no analogues in the CIS.

The border of the country is not only its security but also the nation's image. Work on the image of Belarus is in full swing today.