Belarus Interior Ministry notes calm, peaceful atmosphere during presidential election

Belarus Interior Ministry notes calm, peaceful atmosphere during presidential election

In connection with the presidential elections in Belarus, police and Interior Ministry troops will be on high alert from 5 to October 12.

All polling stations will be patrolled 24/7 after the ballots are received. On the whole, public order protection will be especially tight.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that law enforcement agencies are fully prepared for an adequate response to any challenge during the 2015 presidential campaign. Emergency Ministry will also be on alert.

Dmitry Kuryan, head of the main department of law enforcement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
We will employ a sufficient number of forces and means of law-enforcement bodies to ensure the protection of public order. Activities related to the election campaign have been underway for several weeks now. In general, summing up, we can say that this campaign goes in a completely calm and stable environment.

By the way, for safety reasons, there will be no early voting at medical institutions. About a week before the election as many patients as possible will go home. The remaining will be able to vote in of hospitals only on the main voting day. In addition, physicians will be also on duty at polling stations.

Oleg Panchuk, head of the department of health protection in emergency situations, Health Ministry:
Our medical staff were on duty at polling stations and is ready to provide medical assistance. The crews are provided with everything necessary for medical care. If the polling stations are large or if there are several of them, we send ambulance crews who will be on duty there from the beginning of the election until the end.