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Ukraine may not be part of CIS monitoring mission during 2015 Belarus presidential election

The Ukrainian side does not express a desire to join the CIS monitoring mission that will work during the presidential elections in Belarus, the chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev told media in Minsk on Wednesday.

Mr Lebedev said invitations had been sent to the Central Election Commission Chairmen of 11 CIS countries, including Ukraine.

"There has been no answer from the Ukrainian side yet," said Mr Lebedev.

The CIS Executive Secretary said that Ukraine had not sent observers to CIS missions in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan over the past year.

"There were no Ukrainian observers in the CIS monitoring mission but Ukraine sent their representatives to these states as independent observers at the invitation of the Central Election Commission," stated Sergei Lebedev.

"We hope that Ukraine will still be represented in some observer status during the presidential elections in Belarus," he concluded.

The CIS observation mission at the presidential election in Belarus began its tenure on August 18. It is expected that the country will host about 400 observers from the Commonwealth.

The Presidential elections in Belarus are scheduled for October 11, 2015.


Ukraine may not be part of CIS monitoring mission during Belarus presidential election