Street cars in Minsk to move on rails without sleepers


Street cars in Minsk to move on rails without sleepers

Until September 1, movement of trams in the Minsk center will be restored. Along Kozlova Street, road workers dismantled the old rails, and then replaced them with new ones, without ties. This is the technology applied on tram tracks in Prague and Budapest, where street trains are perhaps the main means of public transport.

Rails without ties, the know-how of foreign cities, will soon appear at the intersection of Kozlova and Dolgobrodskaya Streets.

The new design with a special rubber pad will reduce noise and vibration, as well as increase the speed of transport.

Czech standards will also make busy highways more comfortable for all road users. The construction of the new tram track will allow passengers to safely enter refugees (special areas serving as tram stops).

By the way, during the reconstruction in Platonova Street, there have been added six more stopping points with benches. In general, after the modernization, the expected life of this tram section will be at least 20-30 years.

There will be added 10 more streetcars. The new trams will be more spacious and comfortable, for example, air conditioners will be among the novelties. You can find the Minsk streetcar schedule at (registration needed for new users).