State to help Belarusian children from poor families prior to new school year

State to help Belarusian children from poor families prior to new school year

The education system of Belarus is ready for the new academic year, education minister Mikhail Zhuravkov told the Belarusian President.

All repairs planned prior to September 1, the beginning of school year in Belarus, will be completed and all children will get full sets of textbooks.

Special equipment has been installed in some physics and chemistry classrooms. Moreover, the increasing number of Belarusian towns purchase buses to transport kids to and from school.

The Belarusian President instructed to conduct a nationwide charity campaign to help schoolchildren from low-income families prepare for the new academic year.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Parents today can buy everything for their kids. Starting from textbooks to clothing. But at the same we have established a good tradition to support the poor and large families. So this year is not an exception. Everyone should be involved in this campaign: from the President to all those who can do something good for kids. We don't need drastic social differences in schools. Everyone is equal here.  Get the government on it.

The officials also reviewed 2015 university admission in Belarus. 

In 2015, the passing score for the majority of universities is higher than in 2014.

The Ministry of Education notes that the level of training of students has grown significantly. The situation with college and school admission has also improved. In the near future, the ministry will make proposals to improve the rules of the centralized test, the nationwide test which results are taken into account during university admission.

Mikhail Zhuravkov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
In general, we have satisfying admission figures, especially when it comes to state-funded university places and those training programs that are very popular and necessary for our country's economy. At the same time the head of state set the task to further improve our system of admission, particularly regarding higher education. We also need to pay more attention to our professional education so that the number of students in special secondary institutions and colleges would increase.