Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus needs to strengthen southern borders


Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus needs to strengthen southern borders

Belarus needs to strengthen the southern borders, said August 18 Belarus' President hearing out reports from Acting Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas and Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov.

The head of state was informed about the situation in the Armed Forces, as well as ways to optimize the army. Alexander Lukashenko wondered whether all is done according to the parameters that had been identified at the recent meeting of the Security Council. Including in terms of the creation of new types of weapons.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
I'd like you to describe in two words the situation in the Armed Forces. Above all, I am concerned about the southern borders. There have been too many conversations recently, especially in the so-called opposition press. They give information in a biased way. Of course, I understand that, but, nevertheless, we do not hide the fact that we need to strengthen the southern borders. And not because we are afraid of Ukrainians attacking us or something along these lines. We don't want unnecessary people and especially weapons from the war-torn Ukraine to appear in Belarus. This is the issue that no one will be able to decide. In this regard, I would like to hear about the situation in the Armed Forces, the work on optimization (although we have passed the main stage). And concerning armaments. Just a couple of words: is everything going according to a plan we agreed on during the recent Security Council meeting? I would also want to hear about new weapons in Belarus. And other issues related to the conscription, study and training.

Stanislav Zas, acting State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
As for the Armed Forces, at the moment, the situation is stable there. The Armed Forces are under control and they are engaged in planned training activities. Combat readiness training is now underway: some groups are to depart for drills to Russia. In addition, today we are sending our honor guard to China, who will take part in the parade in Beijing. We are noting strengthening of people's morale; the atmosphere is changing. Fewer officers leave the Armed Forces, including young officers. People have become to value the army and appreciate the service. This year we recruited full groups at the Academy, without any problems. We recruited people on a competitive basis. Thus the situation is totally different from that of the previous year. The situation here is also changing in this regard.

The President was briefed about the participation of Belarusian military in international Army Games, which finished in Russia. Belarus took third place. The competition included a total of 17 events. During the meeting, the officials also considered the modernization of weapons.

Andrei Ravkov, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus: 
The Head of State was briefed about the results of the implementation of an Armed Forces Training Plan for 2015 and about a number of tasks beyond this plan. These are individual tasks set to the Armed Forces. In particular, I told Mr Lukashenko about the modernization and re-equipment of the Armed Forces and the reconstruction of our army sports complex. All questions of modernization and re-equipment are of course associated with increased mobility and manageability of the Armed Forces.