Belarus' Gennady Karatkevich wins Google Code Jam competition

Belarus' Gennady Karatkevich wins Google Code Jam competition

Belarusian Gennady Karatkevich took first place in the competition of sports programming Google Code Jam, the final of which was held August 14 and 15 in Seattle, reads the website of the competition

In the final, Gennady Karatkevich solved 5 of 6 tasks spending on them 3 hours 59 minutes. In terms of the number of points he outplayed the top 25 developers from 13 countries. As a prize he will receive 15,000 dollars and will automatically be able to participate in the Google Code Jam finals next year.

A guy from Japan took second place, while third went to a South African. Also, taking part in the final, was BSU graduate from Belarus Roman Udovichenko but he finished in 18th.

Thanks to the incredible results of 2015, Belarus is ranked first in the overall "medal" standings of Google Code Jam. Now Belarusians have three first places - more than any other nations has. In 2014, the competition was also won by Gennady Karatkevich while in 2013, it was the graduate of the Belarusian State University Ivan Metelsky who triumphed.

Gennady Karatkevich graduated from a school in Gomel, and in 2012 became a student of the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg. Previously, he was known as the winner of numerous competitions in the area of sports programming: he boasts first places at VK Cup 2015, Russian Code Cup 2014 and TopCoder Open 2014 and many other competitions.

In 2014, Gennady told the Belarusian web portal TUT.BY that he does not specifically prepare for individual competitions among does not single out specific rivals focusing instead on tasks.