Funeral ceremony for People's Artist Sergei Zhuravel held in Minsk

Funeral ceremony for People's Artist Sergei Zhuravel held in Minsk

A farewell ceremony for the People's Artist of Belarus Sergei Zhuravel was held in Minsk. The memorial service was held at the Yanka Kupala Theater. Hundreds of people came to the ceremony to pay respect to the beloved actor. Only good memory will remain about Mr Zhuravel, a man who loved to smile and was open to everyone.

Sergei Zhuravel was for a long time voice of the CTV channel and also took part in other TV and theater projects. His characters were very different but always vivid and memorable. Continuous applause was heard when the actor's coffin was carried through the adjacent streets.

Viktor Manaev, People's Artist of Belarus:
Not every colleague can become almost your relative. Sergei was one of these people. We were united by the theater and the stage. Not only the Kupala stage. I was happy that such a person lived in this world, as were hundreds of thousands of spectators, including those who came here today to say goodbye to him.

Alexander Efremov, People's Artist of Belarus:
Every role he played was bright, at least it is what I saw. He was an actor capable of creating and mixing up tragedy and farce, comedy and grotesque. He walked along the edge all the time. Along the edge of the genre. It was amazing because it was unique. I'm afraid that we don't have such an actor for now.

The Belarus President expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the People's Artist of Belarus. Sergei Zhuravel was buried at the Eastern (Vostochnoye) Cemetery in Minsk.