New rules regarding bike transportation on Belarusian trains


New rules regarding bike transportation on Belarusian trains

In August 2015, Belarusian Railways changed the requirements for bicycles transported in railway cars as hand luggage. Cyclists, please pay attention!

First, you need to buy two tickets - one for you and the other for the bicycle.  By the way, tourists had to pay for bikes earlier too but now there is a limitation of 200cm. Every object of the size (sum of three dimensions) exceeding 200cm is transported only upon showing additional full travel document.

As in the past, one passenger can transport only one bicycle (it is not necessary to take it apart though desirable). Please ensure that your bike doesn't create obstacles to other passengers. Usually only one bike can be transported in the vestibule of a railway car.

Sometimes new business class railway cars have special places for bikes. It is in these car where Belarusian Railway recommend you transport your bike which dimensions (length*height*width) exceed 2m.

However, you will hardly be asked to leave the train even if you break bike transportation rules (for example if you have more than one bike in a car vestibule) if you show two valid tickets, one for you and the other for the bike.

Remember that you need to pay full ticket price for the bike.

So for example, if you travel from Minsk to Odessa, the two tickets will set you back about $200 in equivalent, which may be costly for some travelers (remember that only Belarusian rubles are accepted so find an exchange booth at your railway station).

The new law is only being tested and Belarusian Railways staff are quite tolerant towards those who do not follow the new rules. Some changes may be introduced to these regulations in the near future.