Pakistani Premier's visit to Belarus: Minsk and Islamabad set new cooperation bar

Pakistani Premier's visit to Belarus: Minsk and Islamabad set new cooperation bar

Belarus and Pakistan have reached a new level of relations. The final day of the official visit of Prime Minister of the South Asian state was truly eventful. On the final day, Nawaz Sharif and his wife visited the residence of the Belarusian President. The meeting was sincere and held in a home-like atmosphere. Alexander Lukashenko with his youngest son Nikolai showed the guests his residence.

Also on 12 August, the guests visited BelAZ (Belarusian Autoworks). The distinguished guest saw a range of domestic giant vehicles and discussed the supplies of Belarusian dump trucks.

Pakistani know about the production possibilities and advantages of products manufactured by BelAZ. The first deliveries of the 30-ton vehicles to Pakistan took place in 2008.

On August 12 there was held a tour of the BelAZ company for Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistan exports to Belarus rice and textiles importing from Belarus Belarusian tractors. Every year, Pakistan receives up to 3,000 vehicles. But the supply of BelAZ dump trucks is the matter to be discussed further in the future.

Pervez Rashid, Minister of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
We will have only the best impressions about BelAZ. And it will be a good basis for future relations between the two countries. In addition, between Belarus and Pakistan, there are great business opportunities. Now an economic corridor between China and Pakistan is developing. Therefore we also have good opportunities in this area. We are sure that this is not our last visit to the company.

Belarusians can share experience of exploration and mining. Especially because imposing amounts of hidden reserves are in the soil of the Islamic Republic, which is translated as Pure Land.

63 years ago Pakistan discovered the first deposits of natural gas. Plus 7 oil deposits valued at 300 million barrels per day. Let alone gold, precious stones and non-ferrous metals.

Oleg Stepuk, First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy and Innovative Technologies, BelAZ:
We have already talked with mining companies on how to jointly develop cooperation in mining. At the same time we offer our Pakistani partners complex solution of these issues.

After the meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan was presented a copy of a giant BelAZ truck. The conveyor has been launched.

Together with his wife and son Nawaz Sharif visited the residence of the Belarusian President. The warm and sincere meeting is a further confirmation of Belarusian hospitality.

The head of state together with his youngest son Nikolai showed the Pakistani guests the residence and even held an impromptu tour. The Pakistani guest could taste clean water from a local spring.

Nawaz Sharif and his family were given presents that will remind the guests of the days spent in Belarus: beverages, candies, linen products and commemorative coins of the National Bank. 

The turnover of almost $60 million between Belarus and Pakistan is not enough.

And the sides will work towards increasing these figures. The outcome of the Minsk talks was a package of a dozen documents. They are memorandums and agreements on cooperation in various fields.

One thing is clear: Minsk and Islamabad have taken a new bar of cooperation. This is not surprising since diplomatic relations between Belarus and Pakistan were established about two decades ago.

The new page began in November 2014, while the Belarusian Embassy opened in Islamabad. In May 2015, the Belarusian delegation visited Pakistan and in August, several months later, it was Nawaz Sharif who came to Belarus. This suggests the parties' confidence in the continuation of the fruitful bilateral dialogue.