Three potential presidential candidates in Belarus collect over 100,000 signatures


Three potential presidential candidates in Belarus collect over 100,000 signatures

Initiative groups of three potential candidates for the president to overcome the barrier of 100,000 signatures. The initiative group of Alexander Lukashenko leads with about 900,000 signatures, said chief of Mr Lukashenko's initiative group Mikhail Orda during trip to Grodno region. Here, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions awarded the best young drivers of combine harvesters.

Mikhail Orda, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, head of the initiative group of the candidate for the post of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko:
To date, we have more than 900,000 signatures for Mr Lukashenko. Judging by the dynamism of signature collection we count on over 1 million signatures by the end of the week.

To pass to the next stage of the election campaign and officially qualify for the candidacy for the highest office in the country, potential candidates need to collect at least 100,000 signatures. Initiative groups of three nominees have already exceeded this threshold. Until now, journalists have not been able to learn the results of the potential candidate Zhanna Romanovskaya.

Meanwhile, at a round-table, Mikhail Orda discussed economic issues. Marketing, youth's wages and working conditions. Workers and trade union activists discussed how to optimize the work of one of the largest enterprises of Lida.

Mikhail Orda:
Today, in the current situation it is vital to find new markets. The state does much to penetrate new markets and sell their products. But in the current situation, we need more insistent and more aggressive marketing.

Lidagroprommash, which Mr Orda visited, can produce more than a thousand harvesters a year. But today, it does not work in full force. This is primarily the result of the unstable economic situation in Russia and Ukraine, one of the main trade partners of Belarus. These countries are major export partners of the enterprise, too. The main thing for the plant in this situation is to save labor collectives team and think about the marketing strategy.

Cheslav Yakubashko, director of Lidagroprommash:
Not this year, but next, we will restore our position in the markets of the Russian Federation and find new markets in other countries. The team, which is now working at Lidagropromselmash, is optimistic.

The plant is ready for delivery of combines to the Czech Republic. There is interest on the part of businessmen from Slovakia and Moldova. The company is learning new kinds of technology.