Minsk exports equal $800 million in H1 2015

Minsk exports equal $800 million in H1 2015

Minsk enterprises have significantly increased exports to Latvia, Sweden, Serbia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Spain and Cuba. In H1 2015 alone, the city exported products worth more than 800 million dollars. Now Minsk delivers products to 130 countries. In addition, the capital penetrated the market of Bolivia in 2015.

Many private enterprises increased export almost twice. Experts say that the recipe for success lies not only in quality but also in the uniqueness of individual goods.

Kirill Yatsko, deputy general director of a company producing radiation monitoring systems:
This hardware is special and is in demand in certain areas. Accordingly, they have high quality requirements. The second point is the functional component.

An export-oriented enterprise producing equipment for measuring the amount of radiation is one of those whose geography of deliveries is not limited to European countries. Unique clock dosimeters, radiation identifiers and portal radiation monitors have been exported to the United States for several years.

In order to increase export an extensive program is being implemented in Minsk. It also covers support for small and medium businesses.

Larisa Alexandrova, chief specialist of the Entrepreneurship Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
Companies that are export-oriented can ask our financial support when it comes to their participation in exhibitions and fairs, where they present their products. This year, we received such applications from four companies. The city budget compensated them for up to half the cost of the leased space.