Nawaz Sharif's visit to Belarus: Day 2 summary

Nawaz Sharif's visit to Belarus: Day 2 summary

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif on August 11 continued his official visit to Belarus. Today he met with his Belarusian counterpart. Also, he had meetings in the Parliament of Belarus, which was followed by test drive of a Belarusian tractor and a ceremony to give Nawaz Sharif a title of the honorary professor of the Belarusian State University.

The color of Nawaz Sharif's tie was turquoise, which symbolizes communication and understanding.

Andrei Kobyakov, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Your visit is historic and promising, especially in terms of trade and economic relations. We believe that 2015 will be symbolic for Belarusian-Pakistani relations. The creation of the joint Belarusian-Pakistani commission for trade and economic cooperation will contribute to it.

Pakistan is Belarus' promising partner in South Asia. Belarus would like to organize there a number of assembly plants. Belarus is also ready to become a platform for companies operating on Pakistani raw materials. Textiles and carpets may become the joint future of Belarus and Pakistan.

When Mr Sharif was chief of the parliament, many in Pakistan spoke about the stable economic growth and a significant reduction in the unemployment rate. As a result, two years ago, Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister for the fourth time.

Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
Over the past three months we have succeeded in making steps up in the bilateral relations. I would like to thank you for the specific proposals you have expressed. As for the idea of ​​developing a roadmap, I am completely satisfied with the timeline proposed by you: thus we are talking about September and October. I have already instructed the ministers to take steps in this direction. And most importantly, we need to do it together.

Sharif is called a pragmatic politician both in Pakistani political circles and in the international arena. Nawaz Sharif's event enjoys respect of the leaders of the Persian Gulf monarchies.

On August 11 Nawaz Sharif met with the heads of both chambers of the Belarusian parliament.

Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
The House of Representatives will take control of the process of implementation of internal procedures in line with the documents signed. All international treaties subject to the ratification will be considered on a priority basis.

Today Belarus imports from Pakistan rice and textiles. Belarusians are also interested in "fruit of paradise" (mangoes). This is virtually the national product, said today the Minister of Trade of the Islamic Republic. He invited his Belarusian counterpart to try his favorite "mango" dessert at the next visit.

Khurram Dastgir Khan, Commerce Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
We export mangoes to the Middle East, the Middle East and all over the world. Also, we export it to Belarus and want you to be more used to this paradise product.

Valentin Chekanov, Trade Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Not everyone knows that a large part of rice is exported from Pakistan (last year it was 33%, and this year already 60%). This is a very large amount. And we are happy that today our colleagues can come and see how trade is going.

Pakistan has long known tractors "Belarus", since the 1950s.  Every year Belarus supplies to the Islamic Republic about 3,000 vehicles. Recently, Belarus has opened in Pakistan its own tractor assembly facility.

The annual demand for tractors in the market of Pakistan is about 70,000. The market itself is estimated to be 10 times more capacious.    The majority of buyers are Pakistani farmers. Thus Belarusians have a lot of plans.

Vladimir Makarenko, deputy general director for marketing, MTZ:
We want to occupy a niche of 10% of the total annual deliveries to the market of Pakistan.

The Belarusian State University was also waiting for the guests this day. The Prime Minister of Pakistan delivered a brief lection to the teachers and students of the university. Today he was also given the title of Honorary Professor of the Belarusian State University.

Sergei Ablameyko, rector of the Belarusian State University:
Given the huge potential and great country, we can accept more Pakistani students and we are ready to send Belarusian students to Pakistan. We will try to develop cooperation in all areas. I mean, educational and scientific cooperation.

The Pakistani delegation today took part in the ceremony to lay flowers at the Victory Square monument to commemorate WWII victims.

By the way, the festival of Pakistani cinema opened in Belarus on August 11. Bin Roye (Without tears), based on one of Pakistani writer Farhad Ishtiaq's novels, was the opening movie of the festival.