Summer camp Zubryonok welcomes young tourists from China

Summer camp Zubryonok welcomes young tourists from China

Zubryonok is hosting young tourists from China. This is the first time these Chinese children have come to the shore of Lake Naroch. On August 10 they were warmly greeted at National Airport Minsk. On the way to the recreation site, boys and girls could appreciate the beauty of Belarusian nature. 

During several weeks, they will communicate with Belarusian peers. Prior to that, as part of a rehabilitation program, developed on the instructions of the Belarus President, only kids from Japan could come to Belarus to improve health. The current visit is Belarus' reciprocal gesture to the Chinese side. In 2014, 200 Belarusian children went to China for recuperation.

Xing Cheng Yuen, schoolgirl (China):
I think that Belarusians are very good-natured, hospitable and open people. I want to meet and make friends with Belarusian peers.

Teacher (China):
We've been waiting for this trip and are happy to visit Belarus. I know that Belarusians are very generous people and treat family with great respect. This is in general a very good and noble land. Also, I would like to another time see your beautiful dance.

Yue Cheng Xien, head of the delegation (China):
Due to the fact that last year, 200 students came to China, we were able to see a bit of Belarusian culture. These kids confirmed that your children are very smart and diligent. We want to continue to cooperate with your country in all directions. I hope that every year our relations will grow and we reach new heights.

This season alone "Zubryonok" welcomed holidaymakers from 12 countries. These are kids from Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, the United States and Germany. 

Viktor Yakzhik, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
The People's Republic of China has been our main strategic partner. And, of course, during the high-level talks we discussed issues including the education of students from China and, of course, recreation. Today, recovery capabilities in our country allow hosting international delegations of different levels.