Minsk to host Polo Marathon on city day September 13


Minsk to host Polo Marathon on city day September 13

People running on the central streets of Minsk no more surprise anyone. Belarusians more and more get accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. On August 6, the center of the capital for a few hours turned into a running track.

On Thursday, anyone could try the unique route of Minsk Polo Marathon. The distance was more than 6 kilometers and passed through the main streets of Minsk.

Minsk Half Marathon is a young event. For the first time, the competition was held on City Day in 2013.

The marathon was popularized this year by well-known Belarusian athletes: Olympic silver medalist in decathlon Andrey Kravchenko, as well as the national team footballer Alexander Hleb.

Taking part in this testing run were more than a dozen well-known Minsk residents: businessmen, artists, government officials, well-known journalists, the consul of France and even an Orthodox priest, all in all 13 people. Given hot weather in Minsk and a distance of 21km, this is really a test of spirit.

The organizers say that the athletes will run past the main historical and cultural places of Minsk.

This race was a rehearsal before the "main dish". The marathon itself will take place in Minsk on 13 September and will coincide with City Day.